Saturday 1/24/2009

Here are my babies..My Designer/Non Designer handbags and accessories!! This is just a small portion of them all. And yes, all of the designer items are authentic. I firmly believe that if I can't have an authentic designer item, then I'll just get a quality no-name item instead. I can't stand fakes!! I purchased these with my own money. My parents didn't pay for a single one of these items.

Picture 1: Cuffz by Linz Barfly in Silver-$195.00 & Kathy Van Zeeland Shopper-can't think of exact name-$89.00Picture 2: Designer Inspired Large Chloe Paddington-$40.00

Picture 3: Coach Soho Mini Signature Coin Purse in Lilac-$48.00
Pictures 4&5: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses-$180.00
Picture 6: Coach Batik Print Silk Scarf-$58.00Picture 7: Coach Soho Mini Signature Small Hobo in Sky Blue/White-$198.00

Friday 1/23/09

woke up at 5:50
fell back asleep
finally rolled out of bed at 6:05
did my morning routine in a haze
changed shirts 4 times
couldn't decide what to wear
decided on a baggy gray ridiculously thin sweatshirt
felt like shit
nose stuffed up, throat hurting like a bitch
walked outside, froze my ass off waiting for the bus
endured the long drive to school in a cold bus
finally arrived at school
talked with friends until the bell rang
went to my locker #1080
second bell rang; walked into cafeteria for study hall
wanted to fall asleep; afraid of snoring
bell rang; time for 2nd period
sat in french, worked a worksheet the entire period
3rd period; english
took a test on act 1 of macbeth
teacher let us use our study guides; easy A
4th period; gym
still felt like crap
went to the nurse; slept on a cot entire period
5th period; math
second test of the day; barely passed it
6th period; dig. toolkit
worked on final project; nowhere near done
7th period; study
drew clothing ideas that popped into my head
8th period; history
went to the media center
was supposed to work on project
instead checked email and went on the purse forum
looked at fake Coach handbags on ebay; reported them
9th period; chemistry
day almost over
get to class
fire alarm rings
go outside for 1 1/2 minute drill
get back to class
work on a lab
talk the entire period
bell rings; time to leave
head outside with a friend
talk for a bit then head to our buses
get on bus
talk to another friend, until we arrive at her stop
turn on ipod; listen until I'm home
front door locked even though moms home
lets me in; asks if i still feel sick
calls doctors to make me an appointment
have to wait until monday
fall asleep for an hour
wake up; read gossip blogs
eat dinner; meatloaf and mashed potatoes
read a book; type this up
after this bed
probably lie in bed until 11, listening to music
finally fall asleep at 11:30